Shop The Streets Of Italy Without Ever Leaving Your Couch

Shop The Streets Of Italy Without Ever Leaving Your Couch

2020 has been the year of armchair travel and online shopping. There is a site that combines both for the high-end tourist. Italist, is a platform where consumers can discover high-end, Italian and other worldwide brands at rates far better to their Italian market price than the United States equivalent. This normally equates to 30-40% cost savings. The experience is a little various than other sites, so let’s examine it out!

Screenshot of the homepage

Screenshot of the homepage J.Q.

LOUISE How can Italist use these reduced rates? Italist has actually partnered with shops rather than brand names in order to offer items at their Italian sticker price. When lots of people come to the website and they see a popular, in season product at 30% less than it is noted on the brand’s U.S.A. website, they end up being suspicious of the authenticity of the item. Nevertheless, Italist has a page dedicated to discussing the procedure in which their suppliers go through in order to join the platform. This process consists of: vetting shops on a 50-point quality and service list, examining boutiques’ providers, distributors, and brands to validate legitimate sourcing, needing them to sign an agreement affirming all pieces are new, genuine, and beautiful, and conducting random, quality checks regularly.

What is the shopping experience like?

All of their products are curated from choose Italian luxury boutiques and merchants, offering the customer access to over 1,000 brands and 200,000 items every day. The products are priced about 30% – 40% less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price in the United States, however keep in mind those prices do not include local sales tax and import tasks. The site enables you to go shopping through designer, product type, or cost and the homepage serves up included products and promos. As for sizing, due to the fact that they exclusively offer global brand names, the sizing conventions are a little various than what American buyers are utilized to, but on each listing, there is a popular link to a size guide to help convert your size into the brand’s convention. Once you include products to your cart and you are prepared to have a look at, if your overall is above $800 you will see a line product for customizeds responsibilities. These are the United States standard custom duties owed on importing these items.

Screenshot of an item on

Screenshot of an item’s listing on J.Q. LOUISE Where is Italist based? Italist was established in Silicon Valley in 2014, and is now based in Los Angeles. However, the brand has workplaces in Europe too. According to the CEO, Diego Abba, “We enjoy combining tech and high-end fashion, which are 2 worlds that have actually traditionally been at chances. However with each innovation and circumstances of cross-pollination, they’re growing better together, becoming more associated and complementary.” The brand’s mix of sourcing, retailing and circulation has altered the game for luxury buyers who would typically be browsing shops abroad when searching for high-end products, who are no longer able to, due to COVID-19 travel constraints.

Italist provides the buyer a sense of strolling the streets of Rome or Milan, poking their head into different stores to find a luxe memento to bring house. While we can’t do that in person again quite yet, this online choice must relieve that craving for shopping in the meantime.


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